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Serum & Cream Kit for Combination Skin

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Your Daily Skin-Care Combo:

20D Intensive Vitality Booster + Hyper Moisturizing Cream. Pair them together for maximum hydration and revitalization.


20D Intensive Vitality Booster: Precious and revitalizing multivitamin serum (vitamins A, C, E, F) that can make your skin more elastic and less sensitive to environmental stressors and physiological ageing.

A true “cosmetic supplement” that can restore those elements needed for the cell’s correct life cycle, and boost the effects of any other specific cosmetic used in combination.

Hyper Moisturizing Cream: Hyper Moisturizing Cream boosts the skin’s ability to hold water in its deeper layers, promoting the natural regeneration of the skin’s hydrolipidic film. Hyper Moisturizing Cream is designed with a non-greasy and lightly-scented formula and it leaves the skin hydrated and plumped.






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