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Serum & Cream Kit for Normal Skin

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Your Daily Skin-Care Combo

Face & Neck Lifting Booster + Wrinkle & Volume – Normal Skin. Pair them together to provide your skin with a daily dose of anti-ageing, regenerating and collagen-boosting ingredients

Face & Neck Lifting Booster: a concentrated serum with a shock lifting and toning action that has immediate and long-lasting results. Designed to support the most critical areas that are also subjected to stress, this moisturising and fast-absorbing cosmetic combines natural beta-glucans and the hyper-hydrating Blue Agave extract.

Wrinkle & Volume – Normal Skin: it visibly reduces the first signs of ageing, deeply hydrating the skin. It visibly reduces the first signs of ageing by giving the skin a deep hydration and immediately evening out the skin's complexion and facial contours. This cream is most effective when applied consistently, as it provides deep restoration of tone, elasticity and volume to the skin.






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