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  Cosmetic Expertise since 1976, made in Italy. 

Naturalia BEAUTY originates from the long-standing experience of Naturalia Sintesi Company, in the field of professional cosmetics since 1976, 100% made in Italy.

Over a timespan of more than 40 years, it has been able to stand out in the world of dermocosmetics thanks to the invention of a unique method and to a skillful research capable to combine natural active ingredients with a strong technical innovation as biotechnology We use scientific fusion of nature’s raw materials and active ingredients to get the best and faster results.

After receiving certifications and awards from the most important reference organizations in the industry, Naturalia Sintesi has decided to make use of its skills to launch a new challenge: the creation of a new line inspired by Nature, dedicated to those who wish to take care of themselves at home, like in a Spa.

Naturalia BEAUTY is the line combining sensoriality with nature, dedicated to those who seek a SPA-like skin care at home.

Our products are Paraben free, Petrolatum free/ Mineral oil free and strictly not tested on animals.

They comply with the most up-to-date regulations on safety and environmental prevention, aligning themselves with a clean philosophy, in the belief that everyone's action is important to preserve the health for a better the future and a more sustainable World.


Naturalia BEAUTY: we take our Inspiration from Nature and our Love for Beauty from Experience.  


What does Naturalia BEAUTY specialize in:

Daily balance: Moisture, brightness and nourishment for every skin type, even the most sensitive. Must-have daily products, like creams, a serum and a mist to provide you with a boost of freshness.

Daily care: Revitalization and luminosity. To achieve a glowy, more elastic and revitalised skin. Cleansers, a toner and a gentle scrub to get rid of impurities and dead cells, to start fresh every day.

Anti-aging: Immediate results in terms of firmness, toning and over-all anti-aging. Great improvement of complexion, wrinkles appearance, brightness and volume. Naturalia Beauty’s jewel in the crown: products designed to regenerate the skin from within while easing the appearance of wrinkles and crow’s feet, and restoring face contours and shape. Your face will immediately appear well rested and fresh.

20 D-booster: Powerful ultra-serums designed to boost the results of any other cosmetic. For a more even, youthful, and brighter skin.

Body care: a complete range of body products suitable for every skin and body type. Experience fast and long-lasting results on water-retention, dry skin, tense muscles and dead cells. These are just some of the issues Naturalia Beauty can help you sort out!

Mens range: it’s 2020 and finally men are discovering the pleasant feeling of having a soft and nourished skin. Naturalia Beauty is here for our gentlemen as well with a range of basic products to lure them into the amazing world of skin-care: an after-shaving cream, a serum, a body-moisturizer and even an under-eye cream!

All products from the above mentioned ranges can be mixed and matched to suit your skin needs.

Enough with the talking now, I will leave to the fun of discovering and trying new skin-care products.




<< What does “biotechnology” mean? Are laboratory-made active ingredients safe enough for human use? Wouldn’t it be better to only use products of natural origin? Well, it’s easy to say that nobody today would be using Hyaluronic Acid extracted from rooster combs. Nevertheless, this was once its real source! Nowadays, the natural extraction of organic actives is discouraged due to ethical and safety-related reasons, as well as the efficacy and standards being maintained. Laboratory production is much safer and effective, thanks to controlled fermentations which ensure purity, stability, high-level concentration and maximum bio-availability of the actives. On the other hand, from the very beginning humankind has used biotechnology to make some of our most precious creations, such as bread and wine… >>

Dr Giancarlo Folchitto
Scientific Director of Naturalia Sintesi and Naturalia Beauty, awarded with the Atomo D'Oro 1993 for his scientific research.



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