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Yellow Hornpoppy is a plant that belongs to the poppy family and is primarily found in western Europe. Studies undertaken by a cosmetics ingredient manufacturer have shown that the yellow poppy extract, glaucine, exerts a pronounced inhibitory effect on fat cells, that can be used in the fight against cellulite, as  a cellulite cream ingredient. Specifically, scientists have found that:

Glaucine encourages existing fat cells to release fat. This process is also known as “lipolysis”

Glaucine discourages the growth of new fat cells from the “stem cell pool”. This process is called “adipocyte differentiation” and glaucine inhibits it. This allows stem cells to mature into collagen-producing cells instead (a.k.a. fibroblasts), and to gradually replace fat with firmness. The latter process is called “fibroblast differentiation”, and is increased due to the inhibitory action of glaucine.

Glaucine encourages fat cells to revert to the stem cell type (a process called “dedifferentiation”) and from then on to re-evolve into a fibroblast, or collagen cell (this is called re-differentiation). Re-differentiation further boosts connective tissue firmness.

Finally, glaucine has also been found to also reduce water retention. 

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