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Naturalia Beautys anti-ageing range is the complete package for both a woman on the go and someone who enjoys taking their time. With a simple and effective range to choose from, you can find whatever you need and definitely what you have been missing out on.

For those of you interested in giving their skin a lifting shock: The Face & Neck Serum is designed specifically to support the areas that are most critical and subject to stress. This particular product combines natural beta-glucans and the super hydrating properties of Blue Agave extract to physiologically stimulate the skin’s natural regenerative abilities. Our scientists have found proof that the use of this serum considerably reduces wrinkles and increases the tone and skin density by 15.5%, giving you that youthful and supple look. We suggest you use this at night by applying 4/5 drops just before going to bed.





Then in terms of creams, we have several to suit every need as part of our anti-ageing range.

Our Soft-Touch Daily Cream is made from Oak roots extracts and Madonna Lily extracts.  This velvet-like cream is ideal for restoring skin that has become dry and reddened after years of sun and toxic exposure. The beauty of this cream is that it is multipurpose; it hydrates, protects and has active anti-ageing actions. The natural extracts are what gives this cream its potency. By using the natural regenerative effects of plant oils, it soothes the skin and reinforces microcirculation. You thought you were missing tone? Suppleness and volume? With regular usage you will see the difference, we guarantee it.



 We also recommend our water-based Dermo Purifying Lotion enriched with Panthenol and Witch-hazel. It’s refreshing and soothing tonic water, perfect as a toning step for any beauty regime.



Another great cream is our Urban Defence Daily Cream, a cutting-edge, non-greasy formula which main ingredients deploy both prolonged antioxidant and anti-pollution reactions to protect the skin from harmful exterior pollutants. 



For those of you with slightly more delicate skin, don’t fret, we have you covered too, with our Wrinkle and Volume - Hypersensitive skin cream. This daily anti-ageing treatment has been tested to treat the most sensitive, delicate of skins, prone to fissures, outbreaks and redness. This cream’s special capabilities have been created by mixing the Achmella flower extract and Beta-glucan. By working together these ingredients relax expression lines, rearrange the collagen fibres in your skin, and stimulate the creation of new elastin fibres. The real beauty of this cream is its ability to correct serious issues women can encounter on the outer layer of their skin, and then correct that by strengthening the fibres that support the skin’s texture, which results in increased elasticity. The end result is a protective and light layer on your skin which reduces the natural loss of water, maintaining a constant level of hydration throughout the day.



Finally, if you are reading this, then you have probably tried several products and you know what suits your skin and which products are expensive placebos that leave you with an empty wallet rather than giving you long-lasting effects. Eye creams are some of the most sought-after products for women that purchase these treatments. Our Lifting Eyes Contour Booster is simple, its two main ingredients are Argan oil and Caffeine. You weren’t expecting that, were you? Well these ingredients combined with hyaluronic acid, vitamins A and E create an increased absorption texture, that act on every blemish around the delicate eye area, reducing puffiness, relaxing the wrinkles and strengthening capillaries.



What can we say? Our products are simple and effective. They are mainly plant-based and totally parabens free. Every drop of Naturalia Beauty’s products are brimming with delicious ingredients that nurture your skin, you only ever have to use very small amounts and none of it ever goes to waste. Think of these products as your own personal stashes taken from the fountain of youth.

And don't forget! If you find your skin particularly dry, sensitive, acne-prone or oily, all our products feature special natural and biotechnological ingredients to not only achieve hydrating, soothing and purifying action, but also powerful and all-important anti-aging results.

Discover all our anti-ageing range here.

Naturalia Beauty, Your Partner in Beauty for everyday life.

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