The PERFECT skin-care routine for MEN is here!

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It’s 2020! Men’s care is just as important as women’s care. We probably even have to make up for all the years beauty companies have neglected all of you. We are sure some men even feel intimidated when they think of all the body care products and wouldn’t know where to start. We have you all covered with a simple, small and effective range that affects all those problem areas you didn’t think could be solved. 


Let’s start with our After Shave Cream. Shaving, as we all know, is a daily habit, but puts a massive strain on your skin. Naturalia Beauty has created a highly targeted cosmetic that repairs and protects your skin, while also brightening your complexion. The lactic acid and aluminium allantoin gives the cream it’s soothing, astringent, and anti-bacterial effects. Essentially, we have created a product that soothes irritation caused by shaving and regenerates your skin. But what is the difference compared to other everyday products? Unlike most of the aftershave “creams”, you can readily find, this product has special active ingredients. The ingredients are specifically chosen to promote the natural regeneration of the skin’s outer layer and if applied daily, it balances sebum production and evens out the skins complexion.


The next step in your skincare regime is our Urban Defence Cream. It’s a unique blend of shea butter and Konjac root extract that protects the skin from external polluting factors. It’s also pretty special because it has anti-aging properties and is super-hydrating, while not leaving that greasy feeling that some serums give. The special characteristics of shea butter are that it has a high level of gallic acid that fills wrinkles and helps slow down the ageing process. While the konjac root has been used as a natural filler for thousands of years for dietary reasons, but here at Naturalia Beauty we use it for its incredible ability to retain water, providing an immediate plumping effect. We recommend you only use a couple of drops around your face and neck, massaging the most critical areas. Trust us when we say you will see and feel the difference immediately.


Talking about problematic areas, peoples’ eyes are so delicate and also most prone to wrinkling faster than other parts of your face. That’s why we have created Eyes Lifting, an exclusive cream that gives a lifting action on and around your eye area while hydrating and relieving common itchy sensations. We recommend it for everyone for its incredible rebalancing and hydrating properties. But, for those of you that are quite active, especially outside and exposing your skin to the sun’s harmful rays, this is the product for you! The active ingredients are sweet almond oil and caffeine. These two seemingly simple ingredients work so incredibly well at working on problematic areas that can be more noticeable on men due to their thicker skin. The formula get absorbed quickly and immediately reactivate the cells vital cycle while balancing water content. We choose these oils for their nourishing qualities and incredibly powerful ability to give back to your skin its natural elasticity.


After those three simple steps, we have our Reducing Modelling Cream. Please put down that discounted, heavily scented, greasy tub of cream you bought. This is the perfect product for active men on the go. The main ingredients, Caffeine, Camelia, and Sea Oak extract create strong localised actions in fighting fat deposits, especially those pesky ones you’ve been trying to get rid of during your workouts. The texture is light and gets quickly absorbed, so it can begin immediately to nourish your skin without leaving residues. We have even taken the time to pick a fragrance that is fresh and distinctive, yet delicate and not overpowering. If you apply this cream regularly, it will promote the well-being of your skin, improving elasticity, and ultimately preventing ageing.


What can we say? Our products are simple and effective. They are mainly plant-based and parabens free. Every drop of Naturalia Beauty’s products are brimming with delicious ingredients that nurture your skin, you only ever have to use very small amounts and none of it ever goes to waste.

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