Problems with your SENSITIVE skin?

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For those of you that have always struggled with sensitive skin and wondered if there is anything that can be done about it? You really do not need to struggle, because our recommended beauty line will strengthen and relieve even the most sensitive of skins. Our line is tailored for those that are prone to inflammation and other signs of irritation, for this reason our experts have designed the entire Naturalia Beauty Skin-care line to be Paraben-free.


We recommend applying first Hydrobalance Water on particularly dry or stressed skin. It is a hydrating blend of soy protein and collagen presented in a mist solution, capable of smoothing out and relieving even the most dehydrated of skins. Unlike many water-based products out there, this is hyper-concentrated and indispensable to your beauty regime. It brings comfort and increases the efficacy and absorption of any product applied after it.





One of our most popular treatments is our Ultra Nourishing Cream- Dry Skin. It’s enriched with shea butter that gives it a lusciously nourishing texture and immediately allows the active ingredients to deeply penetrate the skin’s layers, giving you a smoothing and non-greasy feeling. It’s suitable for all skin types, but the Sunflower, Easter Lily and Oak root extracts enrich the cream even further for their restorative, softening and anti-ageing properties. Many people that suffer from sensitive skin have to deal with a multitude of unwanted effects and eventually become more prone to premature ageing. But thanks to the biotechnological extract from sunflowers, we have managed to create a cream that regulates enzymes that are responsible for inflammation and guarantees an effective natural anti-redness and anti-irritation action.



Another product that has been praised for its plumping and smoothing effect is our Wrinkle and Volume – Hypersensitive Skin cream. It deeply hydrates the skin and visibly reduces the first signs of ageing by evening out the skin’s complexion and facial contours. Like many of our products, it has been proven to be most efficient when used consistently. Specifically for at least 30 consecutive nights, but we are sure you’ll see the results immediately.




If this cream doesn’t appeal to you we also have the Hydrolipic Balance Cream, that visibly hydrates and soothes redness and irritations. This cream is so delicate that not only does it help those that suffer from rashes, erythrosis and couperose, but it also provides a draining action on microcapillaries. Which in layman’s terms, means it has been tested on problematic skin and has shown to improve microcirculation, leaving the skin unbelievably brighter and rebalanced.




If we haven’t given you a good-enough option in terms of creams, we offer you Soft Touch Daily Cream, that thanks to the Oak roots and Madonna Lilly extracts, it has a velvet-like effect on your skin, that regenerates even the driest or reddest of skins. It absorbs extremely quickly and leaves a thin, but very strong protective layer that leaves you with a comforting feeling for hours after it has been applied. Combining nature and biotechnology, Naturalia Beauty’s scientists designed the Soft Touch Daily Cream with precious anti-redness active ingredients that create a base formula rich in extracts and plant oils, that soothe and reinforce microcirculation.



Finally, once you have reached the end of the day and want to remove everything from your face, we have the perfect product. No more baby wipes! Not only is it harmful to the environment, but we guarantee it is also damaging your already very sensitive skin. Alternatively, we have a fantastic Make-Up Remover Water. It’s two-in-one cleansing water with licorice and chamomile extracts that easily removes make-up without any scrubbing or rinsing necessary.



What can we say? Our products are simple and effective. They are mainly plant-based and totally parabens free. Every drop of Naturalia Beauty’s products are brimming with delicious ingredients that nurture your skin, you only ever have to use very small amounts and none of it ever goes to waste. You will noticeably see and feel the difference and trust us when we say once you try our treatments, there will be no turning back!

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