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As we are approaching winter, many fear these cold months for the effects it has on our delicate skin. The lower temperatures and drier atmospheres can cause many discomforts and unwanted pesky dry patches that seem to only go away by applying increased amounts of cream. Naturalia Beauty is unlike other beauty companies, in the sense that we have harnessed mother nature’s natural elements and combined them with the research conducted by our talented and ingenious scientists.


One of the key findings we have made in our labs is the use of Hydrobalance Water. A hydrating blend of soy protein and collagen presented in a water solution, capable of smoothing out and relieving even the most dehydrated of skins. Unlike many water-based products out there, this is hyper-concentrated and indispensable to your beauty regime. It brings comfort and increases the efficacy and absorption of any product applied after it. Its uniqueness is given by the fact that it reduces the hyper-reactiveness of the skin while rebalancing the production of sebum. Your skin will naturally appear, feel softer, hydrated and most importantly soothed, getting rid of that uncomfortable dry sensation.



After having applied the water, we suggest using our Ultra Nourishing Cream – Dry Skin, perfect for sensitive skin that lacks moisture. The main ingredients are Easter Lily and Oak roots extracts, Sunflower and it is enriched with Shea butter which acts as a conduit for allowing the skin to fully absorb the cream’s active ingredients. The difference between our cream and others is it gives your skin smoothing and yet non-greasy effect. We ensure your skin will feel nourished, without caking on products that will not give you your desired effect.

The best part of this productis it is highly restoring and we have also managed to ensure that it has a preventative action. It is especially great for skin that is lacking in surface lipids, meaning that it is more susceptible to showing premature signs of ageing, redness and rashes. One of the more seemingly simple ingredients – sunflower - have actually shown an impressive ability to regulate the enzymes that cause inflammation.


We also recommend you use our tonic water Dermo Purifying Lotion enriched with Panthenol and Witch-hazel. This tonic water is an essential and ultra-gentle step for your daily skin-care routine, that reduces redness and boosts the performance of the other beauty products you will use. The tonic water is great because it leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean, ready for the next step in the treatment and opening it up to receive post-cosmetic benefits.


Part of Naturalia Beauty’s suggested skincare routine is the Soft-Touch Daily Cream. This face cream has a velvet-like effect with Oak roots and Madonna Lily, great restorative ingredients for dry and reddened skin. It has a fast-absorbing texture and will leave the skin with a thin protective layer.



Another option for you is our Hydrolipic Balance Cream. This also contains active ingredients that have been carefully tested and guarantee immediate hydration and smoothness. What differentiates this cream are its active ingredients: Witch-hazel and Oak root extract. Their strengths were found to restore skin that has been irritated and it can also improve microcirculation for problematic skin types. It is a brightening and protective product that has corrective properties for imbalanced skin.




When you want to remove everything and relax, we have a great Make-Up Remover Water, a two-in-one cleansing water with licorice and chamomile extracts that easily removes make-up without any scrubbing or rinsing necessary.




What can we say? Our products are simple and effective. They are mainly plant-based and totally parabens free. Every drop of Naturalia Beauty’s products are brimming with delicious ingredients that nurture your skin, you only ever have to use very small amounts and none of it ever goes to waste. No more dry patches, irritation or itchy skin once you give Naturalia Beauty’s tried and tested effective treatment.

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