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We see you! We see you, normal skin people. And we have a treatment for you. News flash, no skin is entirely normal or free from much-needed care. Perhaps you thought you have always had clear unproblematic skin and thought there’s no need for that expensive serum or cream. The harsh reality is that our skin, is subject to so many harmful external forces, we don’t have enough time to list them all. 

For example, one of our creams has been specifically created to protect the skin from external harmful pollutants. It's our Urban Defence Daily Cream, non-greasy formula that exerts a prolonged antioxidant and anti-pollution action that leaves the skin luminous and smooth.

Now, back to the routine. Here’s the easiest and simplest skincare routine, you never thought you needed, but your skin will thank you for it.

For many, the start to the day means showering and brushing your teeth. The Instant Face Cleanser is a small addition to your routine that will most probably change your life. It removes all impurities that have been left behind on your skin, from outside pollution to residual makeup. See this cleanser as something that brings daily comfort, even for those with slightly sensitive and/or easily irritated skin types. While it not only cleanses it also moisturises the skin allowing it to breath. The main active ingredients are Panthenol and Sweet Almond Oil, that will give your skin that supple feeling, ready to apply makeup and or use other products. The texture is creamy, but unlike other ‘milky’ type beauty products, this one deeply cleanses and gets rid of harmful residues that are left behind.




Next up on your to-do list is a scrub, specifically our Gentle Scrub with volcanic microspheres, that will remove dead cells. This product is enriched with Prickly Pear, Cucumber and Sweet Almond Oil. The combination of all three creates a sort of holy trinity that removes impurities, restores and brightens your skin. The key ingredient to this scrub is the prickly pear. It is naturally rich in Vitamins A, B, C and allows the skins dermis to retain water, making the skin super-hydrated. This ingredient is so well known, it is historic. The Ancient Aztecs were known to have used it for its properties - and I have a feeling so will you!





You can also try our tonic water, Dermo Purifying Lotion enriched with Panthenol and Witch-hazel. It’s ultra-gentle and reduces redness by boosting the performance of our other beauty products we suggest you use. This tonic water is great for all skin types because it leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean, ready for the next step in the treatment and opening it up to receive post-cosmetic benefits.




Now it’s time for the cream, and yes, we have a cream specially designed for you, it’s called the Hyper Moisturizing Cream because every skin deserves to feel hydrated. This product has the ability to regenerate the skins hydrolipidic film, by boosting the skins ability to hold water in its dermis. This cream is truly universal and suitable for all skin types thanks to the main active ingredients: Aloe Barbadensis and a biotechnological complex designed in our laboratories. It can help women with sensitive, dehydrated, and mature skin. Most importantly it solves the natural phenomenon of hydration loss. This cutting-edge formula uses Aloe Barbedensis extracts to restore and rebalance, bringing hydration to your skin as you have never felt before. Our scientists held tests to see how effective this cream’s restorative hydration was and their results showed a 20% increase in Hyaluronic acid in only 28 days. The skin’s ability to remain lubricated and smooth after just under a month is almost unparalleled.


And at the end of the day, when you want to remove your make-up and relax, we have a fantastic product. Our Make-Up Remover Water is two-in-one cleansing water with licorice and chamomile extracts that easily removes make-up without any scrubbing or rinsing necessary.


 What can we say? Our products are simple and effective. They are mainly plant-based and totally parabens free. Every drop of Naturalia Beauty’s products are brimming with delicious ingredients that nurture your skin, you only ever have to use very small amounts and none of it ever goes to waste. And if you thought you had great skin that didn’t need special attention, give this treatment a go, we dare you!

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