Mother's Day Gift Guide - 4 Skin-Care Combos

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Mother’s day is coming soon and we couldn’t be more excited. Naturalia Beauty wants to help you celebrate this special day with your mother, grandmother or motherly figure. Read more and discover four gift ideas for your loved ones.

Take advantage of Naturalia Beauty’s current discount to make this Mothering Sunday’s a special day. All Naturalia Beauty’s products are now 50% OFF.

This year Mother’s day will be on March 19th as in the UK it is celebrated on the 4th Sunday of Lent. Do you know when this tradition was born? Mother’s day, or originally Mothering Sunday, is a centuries-old holiday that dates back to the 1500s. Originally, Mothering Sunday didn’t have anything to do with mothers and their appreciation. The word "mothering" referred to the "mother church", which is to say the main church or cathedral of the region. It became a tradition that, on the fourth Sunday of Lent, people would return to their mother church for a special service. This pilgrimage was apparently known as "going-a-mothering", and became something of a holiday event, with domestic servants traditionally given the day off to visit their own families as well as their mother church.

By the 1900s this tradition had gone almost extinct but in 1914’s USA a new tradition began, when President Woodrow Wilson signed a bill making the second Sunday of May a national holiday dedicated to mothers’ appreciation. But President Wilson wasn’t the creator of this holiday: it all dates back to Anna Jarvis, who wanted to remember her mother – that passed away on 9th May 1905 - and all mothers.

Mothers, Grandmothers and all Motherly figures are really not appreciated enough. Naturalia Beauty UK wants to help make this day extra special for these amazing ladies, so to make them feel appreciated, loved and thought of. 

Continue reading: we have listed 3 skin-care combo ideas to help those with dry, sensitive or oily skin. Do you feel like your or your loved one’s skin might require different products? Take Naturalia Beauty’s Skin-Care Test and start building your new skin-care routine.

Naturalia Beauty has put together four skincare combos to helps your loved ones skin become healthier and brighter. Discover three serum + cream options for normal, dry and sensitive skin, and a scrub + lotion duo to take care of the body as well.


  • Serum & Cream Kit for Normal Skin

    Two of Naturalia Beauty’s favorite products: Face & Neck Lifting Booster and Wrinkle & Volume – Normal Skin now together to create the perfect anti-age combo, now at 50% OFF, for all normal (not too oily and not too dry) skin.
    Together they take care of your skin by reducing fine lines and all those signs of premature ageing. Face & Neck Lifting Booster in particular provides a lifting and toning action, whilst Wrinkle & Volume’s active ingredients fight oxidation and free-radicals.


  • Serum & Cream Kit for Dry Skin

    If you have sensitive skin this combo is for you! The hydrating action of Hydrobalance Water, refreshing and soothing mist, comes from hydrolysed soy proteins and a collagen precursor which helps plump your skin.
    Follow up with Ultra Nourishing Cream, a concentrate of moisture and softness designed to nourish your skin and bring back its natural glow.
    Get Hydrobalance Water and Ultra Nourishing Cream together in this anti-dry skin combo, which is now discounted at 50% OFF.


  • Serum & Cream Kit for Sensitive Skin

    Harsh weather and the changing season can put your skin under stress. Naturalia Beauty can help you protect it with a serum + cream combo, now discounted at 50% OFF, that provides you with soothing active ingredients selected for their balancing action.
    Think of 20D Intensive Vitality Booster as a multivitamin supplement for your skin. This special concentrated serum contains vitamin A, C, E and F that can make your skin more elastic and less sensitive to environmental stressors and physiological ageing.
    As for your everyday moisturizer, we recommend choosing Soft Touch Daily Cream, a velvet-like effect with Oak roots extract and Madonna Lily extract - a restoring and regenerating action for dry and reddened skin.


  • Body Soft Scrub & Body Modelling Cream

    Don’t forget to take care of your body skin as well which often times goes ignored whilst we apply our 5-step facial skincare routine.
    To achieve a luminous and soft skin you don’t need a lot of products. Take a look at these two Naturalia Sintesi’s products that you find now at 50% OFF
    Body Soft Scrub refines and softness your skin with both mechanical agents, chemical agents and nourishing ingredients. This ensures that your skin isn’t left with an itchy sensation when dry.
    Replenish your skin every day with lost hydration with Body Modelling Cream. This body cream contains powerfully moisturizing ingredients that specifically act on all those factors that make your skin more elastic and supple.


Make this Mother's Day special for your mom, grandmom, or motherly figure by taking care of their skin.

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