Mother's Day Gift Guide - 3 Skin-Care Combos

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Mother’s day is coming soon and we couldn’t be more excited. Naturalia Beauty wants to help you celebrate this special day with your mother, grandmother or motherly figure. Read more and discover different gift ideas for your loved ones. Use code 2x1MOM on any two Naturalia Beauty products: you will receive the less expensive one for free.

This year Mother’s day will be on March 27th as in the UK it is celebrated on the 4th Sunday of Lent. Do you know when this tradition was born? Mother’s day, or originally Mothering Sunday, is a centuries-old holiday that dates back to the 1500s. Originally, Mothering Sunday didn’t have anything to do with mothers and their appreciation. The word "mothering" referred to the "mother church", which is to say the main church or cathedral of the region. It became a tradition that, on the fourth Sunday of Lent, people would return to their mother church for a special service. This pilgrimage was apparently known as "going-a-mothering", and became something of a holiday event, with domestic servants traditionally given the day off to visit their own families as well as their mother church.

By the 1900s this tradition had gone almost extinct but in 1914’s USA a new tradition began, when President Woodrow Wilson signed a bill making the second Sunday of May a national holiday dedicated to mothers’ appreciation. But President Wilson wasn’t the creator of this holiday: it all dates back to Anna Jarvis, who wanted to remember her mother – that passed away on 9th May 1905 - and all mothers.

Mothers, Grandmothers and all Motherly figures are really not appreciated enough. Naturalia Beauty UK wants to help make this day extra special for these amazing ladies, so to make them feel appreciated, loved and thought of. 

Continue reading: we have listed 3 skin-care combo ideas to help those with dry, sensitive or oily skin. Do you feel like your or your loved one’s skin might require different products? Take Naturalia Beauty’s Skin-Care Test and start building your new skin-care routine.



1- Dry Skin - Face & Neck Lifting Booster + Wrinkle & Volume Alipic Skin

Achieve hydration and a glowy, bright complexion with Face & Neck Lifting Booster, a concentrated serum with a shock lifting and toning action that has immediate and long-lasting results. Designed to support the most critical areas that are also subjected to stress, this moisturising and fast-absorbing cosmetic combines natural beta-glucan, vitamin C and the hyper-hydrating Blue Agave extract.

A lightly scented product with a luscious yet pleasantly smooth texture. These are the qualities of this anti-ageing, re-volumizing cream, enriched with Beta-glucan and collagen precursors. Wrinkle & Volume – Alipic Skin is recommended for mature and relaxed skin, with low lipid content, oxygenation problems and dull complexion.


2- Sensitive Skin - Lifting Eyes Contour Booster + Wrinkle & Volume Hypersensitive Skin

Hyaluronic acid, vitamins A and E and ultra-concentrated plant extracts: these are the ingredients that enrich Lifting Eyes Contour Booster's fast-absorbing texture, designed to act on every blemish on the delicate skin of the eye area. It reduces puffiness, relaxes the wrinkles and strengthens capillaries while providing immediate comfort.

Wrinkle & Volume - Hypersensitive Skin is an excellent solution for a daily anti-ageing treatment targeted towards the most sensitive and delicate skin, prone to fissures, redness and premature outbreak of blemishes. This cream restores the correct ceramides structure, found on the outer layers of the skin, while strengthening the fibres that support the skin texture, resulting in increased elasticity.


3- Oily Skin - Normalizing Serum + Normalizing Cream

The anti-seborrheic action of the floral complex used in Normalizing Serum is demonstrated by clinical trials: 25% sebum reduction after 28 days of application. Resulting effect: reduction of skin shininess, enlarged pores and inflammation derived by the breakdown of sebum. The use of a retinyl palmitate ensures a correct stimulation of the cell turnover, preventing keratin plugs formation, a contributing factor of acne.

Pair this serum with Normalizing Cream: hydrating and normalizing cream based on Aloe Barbadensis, Hyaluronic acid e vitamin C complexes, designed for impure and hyper-seborrheic skin beauty routines. Pleasant, light and fast-absorbing texture, to be used instead of usual morning face cream in order to reduce shininess. With BHA +Plant-based Squalene + Aloe Barbadensis + Vitamins A, E.


We hope this mini-gift guide will help you create the perfect skin-care present for your mother, grandmother or motherly figure.Check more all Naturalia Beauty products here.
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