5 ways to elevate your Valentine’s Day skin-care routine

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Valentine’s Day is getting closer and closer and even if you don’t have significant other to celebrate the Lovers’ Day with, Naturalia Beauty has listed 5 ways with which you can elevate this day's skin-care routine. Regardless that you will spend this day with someone, or love-bombing on yourself, these five ways to elevate your skincare will make Valentine’s Day a special event to love bomb on yourself.



First, we suggest scrubbing the weekend away with a good exfoliating product. How to choose the most suitable kind of exfoliation?

The first thing you want to consider when choosing between a facial scrub or chemical peel is how sensitive is your skin and how potent is the product you will apply on your skin.
Lately more and more aggressive chemical peels have been released on the market so we recommend reading the ingredients list and making sure the chemical substances that are responsible of the exfoliating action, are at a suitable dosage for your skin.

Naturalia Beauty’s Gentle Scrub is made of a rich cream that contains naturally nourishing oils, with exfoliating micronized Pumice stone.
Apply Gentle Scrub to your face gently massaging the skin in circular motions for 2-3 minutes. Don’t wash it away immediately but leave it on as you would do with a face mask, for 10-15 minutes.



Even if Gentle Scrub will have removed the first gray layer of dead skin cells, we want you to glow even more on Valentine’s Day. A brightening serum will penetrate the first layer of your skin and work at a deeper level to make your skin luminous and radiant.

What are the most brightening ingredients that you should look for in your special-occasion serum? Look for vitamin C, mulberry extract, licorice extract, sea buckthorn.
Check out Naturalia Beauty’s 20D Light Express Booster: 20-day mini-treatment to bring back light to your complexion.



Another simple yet effective way to elevate your skincare routine for Valentine’s Day would be to apply the brightening serum while also performing a lifting, firming, or draining massage. You can do it using your hands or, better still, a Gua Sha stone. Gua Sha will help firmly but gently push the serum’s ingredients into the skin while also naturally firming the face and neck contours.

The best part is it is so simple to follow a YouTube tutorial that you might want to integrate Gua Sha into your everyday skin-care routine. We recommend this video for a quick and firming Gua Sha massage: here.



If you, like many, forget to care for your body skin and you focus all skin-care efforts in your facial routine, take this blog as your reminder to use a good body scrub for your next shower. As for face exfoliating products, always choose body scrubs’ aggressiveness carefully. In fact, since the skin on the rest of the body is deemed “thicker” and less delicate, sometimes we are tempted to go for a rather coarse scrub, risking causing more lesions and infection. If you suffer from “backne” or Keratosis Pilaris, resist the urge to scrub with a strong and abrasive scrub.

We recommend Body Soft Scrub: with nourishing oils (argan, musk rose, jojoba and grapeseed) and exfoliating micronized hazelnut and apricot seeds + salicylic acid.



Lastly, after a long relaxing shower, why not complete this Valentine’s Day total body skin-care routine with a draining massage? You can do it with any body lotion or cream but if you feel like yours would dry up too quickly, mix in a little jojoba oil, almond oil or shea butter. Check Naturalia Beauty’s Body Draining Emulsion: its ingredients will naturally reactivate the metabolic waste, aiding your body to eliminate toxins and excess liquids.

First, firmly massage the three lymphatic stations on the upper part of your body: the supraclavicular area, the axillary area, and the inner-elbow area, in this order. Then, starting from the upper part of the leg, press onto the skin to feel the muscles underneath by positioning one hand on the back of the leg, and the other on the inside. Stretch the skin in upward motions, then move lower on the leg each time.


Integrate these five tips to elevate your Valentine’s Day skin-care routine and to prepare for a special day full of love.

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